The ACADIA Project is coming to A-Town!


We are pleased to announce that three Aurora non-profit organizations have received a major grant from the Denver Foundation for The ACADIA Project! The Aurora Cultural Arts District (ACAD) and partners ‘FAX Aurora and Community Enterprise Development Services (CEDS) collaborated to develop The ACADIA Project (TAP).


This program will identify refugee and immigrant artists in Aurora and help them build creative businesses to market and sell their crafts. We are working on raising additional funds to help fully realize this new project.


This program will directly assist the artist and creative entrepreneurs in our community in pursuing their craft for economic success and self-sufficiency. The majority of program activities will be located in the Aurora Cultural Arts District, on the Colfax Corridor. This area is among the most culturally diverse areas in Colorado, with nearly 40% of the adult population identifying as foreign born. The area also has high levels of poverty, with over 43% of families living below the poverty line.


Funding will cover the costs of planning, outreach, recruitment, and training of program participants. The idea for the program came about via community conversations with over 18 community partners in early 2015. These groups pointed out the need for more engagement with our refugee and immigrant neighbors, and the need for economic development and support for these groups.

The collaborative partners all bring particular skill-sets and relationship to the project. ACAD will bring their experience in building creative business and supporting local artists. 'Fax Aurora will bring their relationships with small business owners and expertise in doing business in this area of Aurora. Community Enterprise Development Services will help identify refugee and immigrant artists. They will also assist program participants with micro-loans to build or expand their businesses.



Commercial Renovation Program

The Commercial Renovation Program is a local redevelopment program to encourage business initiatives that benefit the “Original Aurora” area, which includes Fitzsimons, and borders both Lowry and Stapleton. The program assists in the overall physical improvement and commercial revitalization of Northwest Aurora. The area that is eligible is bordered by East 25th Avenue to the north, I-225 to the east, East 6th Avenue to the south, and Yosemite street to the west (and which is almost entirely in ‘Fax Aurora, too).


Goals to the program:

  1. Help stimulate the economic development to the area

  2. Help increase the employment base of the area

  3. Enhance the visual appeal of the area

  4. Decrease energy usage by replacing storefronts with modern glazing.


The federally-funded Commercial Renovation Program provides loans and grants to business owners and or property owners who qualify and are interested in updating the exterior of a building.


Funds are provided for:


  • Grants for architectural fees
  • 10-year forgivable loans 
  • Owner-matched cash 
  • 10-year 0% interest installment loans 


 Eligible Improvements Include: 

  • Facade renovation 
  • Safety/security glass installation 
  • Awning installation 
  • Exterior paint/stucco
  • Roofing 
  • Landscaping 
  • Parking lot improvements 
  • Signage (if part of another project) 


 NOT Eligible Improvements: 

  • Roof-top HVAC units
  • Deferred maintenance
  • Building additional square footage  


Eligible Applicants

Applicants for the program must own a business or commercial property located in the program target area. The City of Aurora will give priority for Commercial Renovation Program resources to the following: 

  • Programs that recruit new and/or attain high-priority business
  • Projects where the business/property owners are committed to making substantial improvements to their businesses/properties 
  • Projects that improve safety and health conditions and/or address code violations 
  • Project sites identified as key in market analyses and/or high-visibility locations 


All applications will be processed in the order of which they are received based on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

LEARN MORE about the Commercial Renovation Program by calling (303) 739-7900


Programa de Renovacion Commercial

 El Programa de Renovacion Commercial es un programa local de restauracion con el proposito de estimular iniciativas de negocios que beneficien la area de “Aurora Original” la cual incluye Fitzsimons, and las fronteras de Lowry y Stapleton. El programa asiste en la mejoría física y revitalización comercial del Noreste de Aurora. La area eligible esta bordeada por la Avenida Este 25 en el norte, I-225  al Este, la Avenida Este 6 al Sur, y la calle Yosemite al Oeste (y que esta casi totalmente dentro de ‘Fax Aurora, tambien)


 Metas del programa:

  1. Ayudar a estimular el desarrollo económico de la área

  2. Ayudar a aumentar la base de empleo de la área

  3. Mejorar el atractivo visual de la área

  4. Disminuir el uso de energía al reemplazar escaparates con acristalamiento moderno


El Programa de Renovacion Commercial, pagado con fondos federales, provee préstamos y subvenciones a dueños de negocios y/o dueños de propiedades que cualifican y estan interesados en actualizar el exterior de un edificio.


Fondos son proveidos para:

  • Subvenciones para gastos arquitectónicos

  • Préstamos perdonables de 10 años

  • Efectivo emparejado por el dueño

  • Préstamos de instalación de 10 años con 0% interes


Renovaciones Elegibles Incluyen:

  • Renovacion de Fachada

  • Instalación de ventanas de seguridad

  • Instalación de sombrillas de entrada

  • Pintura exterior/estuco

  • Roofing

  • Renovacion de paisaje/Diseño de jardin

  • Renovacion de estacionamientos

  • Señalización (si es parte de otro proyecto)


Renovaciones NO elegibles:

  • Unidades de techo de calentamiento, aire acondicionado, o ventilación

  • mantenimiento diferido

  • Construyendo pies cuadrados adicionales


Aplicantes para el programa deben ser dueños de un negocio o propiedad comercial localizada en la área designada del programa. La Ciudad de Aurora dará prioridad para recursos del Programa de Renovacion Comercial a los siguientes:

  • Proyectos que recluten nuevos y/o retengan negocios de alta prioridad

  • Proyectos donde los dueños del negocio/propiedad están comprometidos a hacer mejoras sustanciales a sus negocios/propiedades.

  • Proyectos que mejoren condiciones de seguridad y salud y/o tomen acción sobre violaciones de código  

  • Sitios de proyecto identificados como clave en análisis de mercado y/o en locaciones de alta visibilidad


Todas aplicaciones serán procesadas en orden en que son recibidas y entre mas temprano lleguen mas temprano seran contestadas.

 APRENDE MÁS sobre el Programa de Renovaciones Comercial llamando al (303) 739-7900